Thursday, July 11, 2013


Crooked: something bent, not straight, twisted and misaligned.  Not truthful, not open or upfront. Does life get this way sometimes when we continue to brush things under the rug and not communicate and then when we do the perceived straight path goes into some jagged, crooked, crooked road that we don't even recognize?  Loosing ground beneath our feet and feeling like we've taken so many steps back after working so hard to make the ones that brought us forward. Commitment to doing what is right, making good choices so as to not hurt someone else or yourself.  Crookedness is a barrier, a big hurdle to jump over rather than become or go through because it tears down all you've built in time in a  split second and leaves you feeling less than you are.  Part of humanness.  When you do something wrong and need to build back up, it builds strength, courage and determination. It builds compassion for others going through their crooked paths.  I'm jumping over it and leaving it all behind for working with all that has been given  me…all the gifts of my family and the people in my life, my inner gifts and love I have deep down that will pull me out of this dark feeling that I'm bad, not good enough and always doing wrong… some old belief pattern instilled when I was a young girl or perhaps a past life.  I do good in the world and will continue to do good, without hurting others.  This is the road I walk.

Have a great one...

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