Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All that is Unsolved in the Heart

All that is unsolved in the heart, sits locked up and waiting like a little child who sits and waits for the school bus to take her to new learning adventures. Like the earth we hold all the burdens and flubs that human kind can dish out over centuries yet goes on through each day, sunrise and sunset. With each step taken we receive a little hint or nudge or feel the wind at our backs. We fail to remember we have all the answers. They just lie waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves. And so we go along and hopefully, as we move forward, we are remembering, unfolding, unfurling like a spring fern curling out from its late winter bed, where it rested for some long dark months. 
Love the short days of Winter. A time to rest and ponder...here's a song for you. Enjoy...Layers~by Singer-Songwriter, Lynn Hollyfield