Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The truth is...The truth is in the flower. The blossom and its drive to fully open with the morning light. No one to please. On a mission and knowing exactly what to do-blossom, perfect symmetry, unfolding in the sun. But what is truth but doing what you are driven to do. No derailment in the stars just one clear path to your destiny to blossom and create beauty in the world. The truth is that we are drawn to the light of the sun, the stars, the reflection on the ripples in the water, to the light found in someone's eyes or in another's heart. The truth is it just happens...it is what it is...it is what it is about to be without distraction, it's the lovely words that spill into our minds. When we are open, free and not clouded by illusion. The truth is we already know, we just need to let it be and not question. We need to let our truth surface. It is always there...sometimes hidden or covered by layers of cloth/threads from life that have been woven over time and then form a pattern and strong fabric that warms and comforts us. The truth is we need to let the threads form in a way that we can still breathe, that we are not stifeld or weighed down...but that it is just right because it was created with open mind, open heart, love, trust, without judgement....with life inind-living, thinking, breathing in the light to the rosebud within-letting it blossom in time.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Late Summertime....

A beautiful late summer morning...I love this time of year....something shifts at the beginning of August and I feel kind of lost but there are signs of things slowly but surely coming into place...things that have been stirring deep and are all starting to come together.  Chinese Medicine talks about the 5th season of Late Summer....a time of transition...the change from the long, hot summer days as we move towards the beginning of Autumn.  There's also a kind of melancholy that comes...I wonder if it's a throw back to the feeling of the summer ending and having to go back to school.  We have a hickory tree in front of our house.   It's peppered with red leaves and every now and then sends one floating down and they land on my car.  I'm reminded of the change as I head out from home and the leaves go flying and are scattered once again...sort of how I feel....focused and ready, then flying and scattered....ahh the beauty and mystery of Late Summertime.  Late Summertime is a song I wrote on one of these beautiful late Summer days...take a listen when you get chance~www.reverbnation.com/lynnhollyfield.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Morning with two friends....

Just in from a morning of listening, dream interpretation, talking, planning and dreaming with the two friends in my life that have helped me through, time and time again.  Some people come into our lives in ways we could never imagine and we certainly couldn't have predicted where we'd be in future years or that the events and choices we've made in our three lives would plant us down here, together, around a table, spilling our fears, joys and dreams.  It's the stuff that keeps me going, it gives me my daily dose of soul food and raises my energy to pull my scattered being back to center, regain my balance and take that next step forward.  My tired self that woke up way too early this morning, was magically recharged and here I am writing this first blog entry…long overdue in my mind but somehow, here and now, feels right and good.